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Do you know the legend of Cliff?

Cliff, a man deeply in love with nature and driven by adventure, roamed the world in search of the perfect place to settle. Despite his relentless searches, he had not yet found it.

One day, during an epic expedition on the majestic slopes of Maelström Mountain, Cliff was captivated by golden rays of light shimmering on tree leaves. Drawn by a mystical force, he followed these gleams until he reached the summit of the mountain. There, before him, unfolded a breathtaking spectacle: the vastness of the horizon. With his gaze fixed between sky and earth, Cliff felt a profound certainty: he had found his haven, his refuge in the heart of nature.

Is this legend true? No! But does it not exist a little in each of us? That’s why the owners wanted to create a place for the Cliff within us, in search of wonder and the perfect place to pause for a moment.

What entices us about Cliff no. 46?

  • Its vast belvedere, part of which is covered, allowing one to enjoy the pleasures of being outdoors, rain or shine.
  • The wood-burning fireplace, located on the belvedere, which allows one to appreciate the dance of flames blending with the splendors of the panoramic view.
  • Its master bedroom upstairs, with its fully glazed wall, giving the illusion of floating above the horizon.
  • Its Bike & Sleep experience with its direct access from the belvedere to the mountain biking and hiking trails of Sentiers du Moulin

Book your stay at Cliff no. 46, where the beauty of nature meets luxury and comfort.

(CITQ #304504)

For each reservation, a tree will be planted to repopulate the beautiful forests of Canada and around the world.







All the time, the client must pay in advance for the totality of the rental.

Payable on receipt and non-refundable. We accept paypal, Visa, AmericanExpress, MasterCard and e-transfer. On the day of your arrival, an imprint of $ 500 will be taken on your credit card for deposit.

This chalet is not available? Check the availability of the other chalets according to your desired dates.