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Becoming the symbol of the Maelström Mountain wasn’t in Lagöm’s plans. Yet, it happened. And it happened because it was designed with the intention of embodying both simplicity and boldness. Unintentionally, Lagöm paved the way for this trend so that today, the Maelström Mountain stands out with a unique and original offer of rental cabins.

Perched between sky and earth, at 550 meters above sea level, The Lagöm stands like a beacon calling for balance. From the road, it seems to turn its back on us. But as soon as we climb the few steps leading to the terrace, we realize that it’s to better face one of the most spectacular views that Mother Nature has created. As we get lost in the raw beauty of the mountains and valleys stretching as far as the eye can see, worries evaporate to make way for a state of contemplation.

Then we turn around, and finally, The Lagöm shows us its face. Tall and large windows give us a glimpse of a minimalist design bathed in natural light. Once inside, we feel that the space has been designed to nourish the soul and elevate the spirit. On the ground floor, lush plants adorn the space, while a strategically placed mirror in the kitchenette reflects the outdoor view, creating the illusion of a window. Upstairs, the view leaves us speechless, and the bed, as comfortable as a cloud, makes us want to lie down on our backs.

The Lagöm’s little extras:

  • Its thermal tub that allows the body to bathe in well-being while the eyes bathe in the beauty of the scenery.
  • Its terrace at tree canopy level that gives the impression of being on top of the world.
  • Its energy certification: 100% operational on solar energy, The Lagöm is eco-energy certified.
  • While staying at The Lagöm, make sure to do more than just appreciate the scenery. Dive into it by venturing onto the nearby trails. Whether you prefer leisurely strolls (such as hiking, snowshoeing, or cross-country skiing) or crave excitement (like mountain biking or fat biking), there’s an adventure waiting that perfectly suits your preferences and level of thrill.

(CITQ # 298420)

For each reservation, a tree will be planted to repopulate the beautiful forests of Canada and around the world.







All the time, the client must pay in advance for the totality of the rental.

Payable on receipt and non-refundable. We accept paypal, Visa, AmericanExpress, MasterCard and e-transfer. On the day of your arrival, an imprint of $ 500 will be taken on your credit card for deposit.

This chalet is not available? Check the availability of the other chalets according to your desired dates.